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Sinead Willox Coaching - End Burnout, Ditch Stress, Feel Amazing! Hi, I'm Sinead Willox. I help burnt-out working mums strike that elusive work/life balance; exchanging exhaustion, stress and mum guilt for life you've always dreamed of!

9-Step ReNewal Programme

In my 9-step renewal programme, I equip you with the tools to:

Stage 1: Eliminate burnout and fatigue by reconnecting with your true self.

Stage 2: Ditch stress and guilt by rediscovering your goals, ambitions and priorities.  

Stage 3: Feel amazing by ReNewing your passion, purpose and personal plan.

Programme includes

    • 12 weeks of my full coaching support
    • Welcome pack and reading list
    • Nine 1:1 sessions
    • Weekly workbooks
    • Unlimited and priority email access
    • Tailored programme to suit your needs
    • Essential toolkit to overcome burnout and critical overwhelm
  • Access to Library

Imagine in just twelve weeks:

    • Eliminating overwhelm and burnout,
    • Gaining a work life balance,
    • Ditching the guilt and regret of not having quality time,
    • Freedom from old beliefs about yourself and negative behavioural patterns,
    • Having enhanced productivity and confidence,
    • Setting healthy boundaries
    • Raising self esteem,
  • Clarity on your goals and vision,

Experiencing transformation in your daily health and well-being.

Let’s make it happen for you!

"I found my sessions with Sinead uplifting and enjoyable! I highly recommend Sinead's coaching whatever your situation, you would greatly benefit from Sinead’s expertise."

- Geraldine T.

"I constantly juggle 4 kids, while running a house and shop. When I worked with Sinead, she was extremely warm and welcoming. Her advice definitely shows how mindfulness benefits life, health, business and relationships. Thank you Sinead for the rebirth of the Super Chilled Orlagh!"

- Orlagh M.

"As a business owner and a mum of 2 girls, working with Sinead had made such a difference! She equipped me with plans and methods that transformed my work/life balance! Now life is better for my business and my girls!"

- Victoria G.

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