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Sinead Willox Coaching - End Burnout, Ditch Stress, Feel Amazing! Hi, I'm Sinead Willox. I help burnt-out working mums strike that elusive work/life balance; exchanging exhaustion, stress and mum guilt for life you've always dreamed of!

About Me

Hi, I’m Sinead.

I’m a transformational coach, who helps burnt out working women strike that elusive work life balance.

How did I get here?  Growing up with little financial stability gave me a fierce determination to be a successful woman with a professional career.  I wanted it all; the career, husband, children and dream home.  

To achieve these goals, I worked tirelessly and at aged 31 became partner of a Criminal Defence Legal Firm. Two years into the partnership, my life took a whole new direction: I became a mother of not one but two beautiful twin girls!

Then came the gut-wrenching time to return to work…

With extensive work commitments, no time for myself or my young family I kept wondering, “How does anyone in this situation manage?”.

I was at a loss. Why couldn’t I do it all!?

I quickly began to realise that being partner and working part-time hours was not an option, so after 6 months I resigned!  In trying to find a happy medium, I tried consultancy and even switched back to a full time local job.

But, 18 months in my exhaustion and overwhelm were at a critical point.

I had done everything that society tells you to do, however, I felt trapped and unfulfilled! From the outside, I had it all, but on the inside I was at breaking point.

“Is this really success?”

Something needed to change and change fast. They say when a student is ready, the teacher appears; so when I came across a high-level coach I decided to invest in me and my future.

Hand on heart, this was the best decision I’ve ever made!

I soon realised that despite my successes, I had lost confidence and buried parts of myself in being a Criminal Defence lawyer.

Like the creative Sinead who loves singing, playing music and acting. I started to have fun again. I created more time for myself, began a daily meditation practice, became more present with my children and instantly enjoyed a more quality stress-free life! People began to notice how different I appeared.

It was during my own journey of mindfulness transformation that I created my signature 9-Step ReNewal programme. My passion in creating this programme is to empower other working mums to make positive changes and get results through 3 key transformational stages:

Stage 1: Reconnection
Stage 2: Rediscovery
Stage 3: ReNewal

Now, instead of running high profile Crown Court Trials and being on constant police station call outs, I’ve designed life on my own terms – it’s the life I’ve always dreamed of!

Unknowingly, I’d been hindering myself by not setting boundaries or focusing on what was really important to me.
It is my unwavering belief that we are all capable of extraordinary things:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has a genius, power and magic to it”
– Goethe

Are you ready to eliminate burnout? Ditch mum guilt and strike a work-life balance? Book your complimentary coaching call and start your transformation today!

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